Small and Special Works – PAYE Stonework and Restoration
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Small and Special Works

A variety of services

PAYE Small and Special Work is the most flexible of all our operations and provides clients with a variety of services from minor works contracts to restoration projects of up to £50,000.


Under the Small and Special framework, we can carry out bespoke repair, restoration and conservation projects. We pride ourselves on working to the highest quality and the combined experience, skills and qualifications of our dedicated team ensures our projects are delivered to the very finest standards.


Our vast wealth of experience in the industry, holds us in good stead to manage, control and execute smaller and specialist works. From the installation of a simple stone step, repair work to a façade or parameter wall or even the construction of a sun dial. Our team will manage any repair and alteration of internal and external masonry finishes with the minimal of disruption.


Our role will also cover the coordination of health and safety to ensure that construction work is carried out without risks, as well as decisions related to the design (where required), technical and organisational aspects of a project while considering and managing various stages of work in line with the agreed programme and client requirements.

Small Works projects