Temple of Mithras - PAYE
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Temple of Mithras

Client: Bloomberg
Principal Contractor: PAYE Stonework & Restoration Limited

The London Temple of Mithras was recently fully reconstructed as part of the major development of the Bloomberg European headquarters on Cannon Street. It is thought to be the most complete example of a Mithraic temple ever found and is certainly the most exciting Roman discovery in the UK (dating as it does from around 250AD).


It was discovered in 1954 during excavations after the blitz. As the site was being redeveloped and the temple would have been disturbed by the new foundations, it was meticulously detailed and recorded by archaeologists before being dismantled.


It did have a brief revival in the 1960’s but was built about 100 metres away from its correct location and assembled in hard cement. Its reconstruction had little baring on the original design.


In 2011, the 1960’s version was again carefully dismantled and palletised before going into secure storage for a number of years. It has now been reinstated to its original location (in both orientation and level) with a view to it being made open to the general public from the Summer of 2017.


It is an unusual project drawing on skillsets within both Conservation and Restoration disciplines.