Royal Parks - PAYE
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Royal Parks

Client: Royal Parks
Principal Contractor: PAYE Stonework & Restoration Limited

As part of a planned repair and maintenance scheme, PAYE were employed as Main Contractor to complete conservation cleaning and repair to four prominent memorials on behalf of The Royal Parks.


Diana Fountain, Bushey Park
Dating from 1713, the Grade II Diana Fountain underwent a programme of conservation cleaning and repair to the stone and marble pedestal. The fountain nozzles were cleaned and adjusted, brick and stone pond edging lifted and re-lain together with the removal of encroaching vegetation. To allow this to be accessed, the pond was partially emptied to allow scaffolding to be installed to create a purpose-built walkway.


Duke of York Column
Built in 1834, the 42m Grade I granite column was cleaned (including the use of poultices) to help in the removal of staining. Loose and friable joints were re-pointed, and indent repairs carried out together with internal cleaning of the staircase and decoration of the railings. The bronze statue was cleaned, re-patinated and re-waxed and the lightening tape re-fixed.


Queen Mother Memorial, The Mall
The masonry plinth was cleaned, re-pointed and repaired including natural stone indents. A number of paving stones were lifted and re-laid and the bronze elements cleaned, patinated and waxed.


Memorial Gates, Constitution Hill
Masonry was cleaned and repaired in phases to reduce impact on traffic and the high volume of pedestrians who visit the area. Associated conservation work included cleaning, patination and waxing of bronze.