Royal Albert Hall - PAYE
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Royal Albert Hall

Client: Royal Albert Hall

Using over 7500 terracotta blocks and carefully selected imperial sized bricks to match the existing at Royal Albert Hall, PAYE were employed by HBG Construction to build the new South Porch.


Traditional Victorian construction methods were replicated by our skilled masons – both the brickwork and the terracotta are load bearing unlike modern buildings. As each course of terracotta was laid the hollows were packed with bricks and mortar to provide restraint, replicating the Victorian techniques used for the original construction.


Resurrecting skills last seen during the building of the railway viaducts of the early 1800’s, PAYE employed expert carpenters to construct precise wooden framed centrings to temporarily support the new structural arches as they were being built. Above these arches, and hidden by the facing brickwork, are seven-ring load bearing brick arches.