Pevensey Castle - PAYE
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Pevensey Castle

Client: English Heritage
Principal Contractor: PAYE Stonework & Restoration Limited

Projecting out in what was once a peninsula of the Sussex coast, Pevensey Castle is an impressive ruin which stands on high ground. This naturally defensible site was first fortified by the Romans and was most famously the place where the Norman Conquest of England began, when William the Conqueror landed there on 28th September 1066. Today, Pevensey stands as a Scheduled Ancient Monument and is managed by English Heritage.


Vegetation had taken a stronghold around the ruin and in places deep root systems penetrated the masonry threatening to cause irreversible damage. Our team needed to carefully remove this taking care not to destabilise the surrounding material. This project then required a tentative approach to repair using injection grouting, lime mortar consolidation and localised re-bedding and repointing of the stone.


A multi-phase project to avoid the colder temperatures, Phase I concentrated on the Roman boundary walls and Phase II will then focus on the Medieval Bailey.