Hope Mausoleum - PAYE
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Hope Mausoleum

Client: Mole Valley District Council
Principal Contractor: PAYE Stonework & Restoration Limited

Hope Mausoleum is one of the few architectural remains of the Deepdene Estate and Gardens created in the 17th Century. In 1957 the entrance to the mausoleum was buried to prevent vandalism. Repairs and conservation were completed by PAYE as part of the Lottery funded restoration of the gardens for Mole Valley District Council.


Ahead of work to the mausoleum, the entrance was excavated to expose the masonry and develop a repair specification. The isolated location within the gardens down an unmade track presented the site team with challenging logistics to deliver both plant and materials.


The burial of the mausoleum had caused significant damage to the brick boundary walls and stonework. Both were carefully and faithfully reconstructed and repaired using ‘like for like’ materials.


With the reinstatement of a new metal roof, railings and masonry the mausoleum has been restored back to its original condition and is now accessible by members of the public along the Deepdene Trail.