Eagle Place - PAYE
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Eagle Place

Client: Watermans

As part of the Crown Estate’s Gateway Project, PAYE dismantled and salvaged this Grade I listed Portland Stone façade stone by stone to allow access and development of a major project in Piccadilly.

The Eagle Place and Piccadilly façades needed to be retained as part of the planning process but in order to realign existing floor plates with the new development the building had to come down.


A detailed photographic and dimensional survey of the façades was carried out, each individual stone was given a unique reference number as it was removed before being placed onto pallets and transported to PAYE’s secure covered storage for 12 months.
The re-building included new Portland stone installed at the ground floor to re-create original architectural detailing lost through previous alterations. The fine hand-crafted stonework blends in perfectly with the original salvage masonry.


It is a testament to the skill of PAYE’s operatives and level of detail developed in the dismantling process, that only 4 new stones from over 1800 salvaged required replacement which were a result of historic damage.