Policies - PAYE
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PAYE Company Policies

We work hard to maintain our reputation as a responsible and sustainable company, we operate based on ethical behavioural values delivering what we promise. We take pride in our integrity, working in an open and transparent way and treating people fairly and with respect.


We are a customer-focused business and deliver high quality, integrated services through our commitment to a policy of continual improvement.


We recognise our responsibilities in relation to all aspects of safety, sustainability, health, environment and quality and are committed to an exemplary level of performance across the SHEQ discipline.

We also work closely with our industry colleagues to drive progress across the SHEQ discipline. This includes knowledge and data sharing to help raise performance standards and improve public perception of construction. In SHEQ, like every other area of our operations, we aim for excellence.


That means constantly striving to improve performance and deliver the best possible outcomes for our people, our clients, our projects and the wider community.

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Health and Safety Policy Statement 2021

Environmental Policy Statement 2021

Quality Policy Statement 2021

Quality Management System 2020 Certificate

GDPR Policy 2021

Anti-Slavery Policy 2021

Equality and Diversity Policy 2021

Environmental International Standard, ISO14001: 2015