Off Site Storage Facility - PAYE
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Off Site Storage Facility

Off Site Storage Facility

A rather unique service PAYE provide to clients, is the secure storage of heritage assets. PAYE have invested in its own dedicated storage facility within 25 miles of Central London which provides 25,000 sqft of covered warehousing and 35,000 sqft of external hard standing.

The facility is fully managed, with security fencing to the perimeter, CCTV and an intercom-controlled entry gate. It is well suited to accommodate clients and their representatives to visit, meet and review the condition and quality of those assets, for as long as is required.

Heritage assets can include a range of materials, such as sculpture, stone, brick, marble, timber and metalwork. On occasion we have even stored entire facades following dismantling for elongated periods (sometimes even a number of years!) before a suitable opportunity presents itself for reconstruction. The obvious benefit of this to a client, is that we can then dismantle, store and then rebuild items without the need to involve a third party.

All materials are carefully recorded on receipt and stored on stackable pallets eliminating risk of damage. Each pallet is identified by a unique reference number, which in turn is cross referenced to a project specific salvage inventory. This information is used to compile a storage inventory of the number of pallets and associated items salvaged from each contract. The pallet number is further cross referenced with a storage plan providing information on the location of the pallet in the warehouse or externally on the hard standing – allowing easy identification and access when required.